This post is about the things i have been up too in school!


  • Maths- an amazing day of 3D shapes, making stop-motion films, and editing!
  • English- Reading- have a new book, I thought i might go back to diary of a wimpy kid, so i am reading the first on again. – Khan- i am doing some grammar on khan, this week i am learning more about nouns and common nouns.
  • Sport – lightning premiership – netball – my team won every game except for a draw! – netball – invasion – played a game in sport where there are 3 teams, (Red yellow and white) Yellow and red go on first, pretend yellow shoots a goal, in one of the hoops (Full court), Then White comes on and vs yellow, but yellow has to shoot in the other goal ring, and if yellow doesn’t get it, and white shoots a goal, then yellow comes of and red goes on.
  • Year 6 challenge! – On Wednesday, we had a very special day, about: Sport, Art, Robotics, And THE MAJOR PROBLEM! The sport part was a relay, where there were 4 people, the first person, had to run around one oval then around the next, the second person and the third and forth person had to do that too! My team came first. the art part was where you had to build a rocket using lots of materials, also ours look amazing! The robotics, was making the little robot start from your table, go around the cone, and back! Our team unfortunately did not win, but we still gave it a try. THE MAJOR PROBLEM! It was about building a rocket out of: Tape, a soft drink bottle and some markers. We build ours fully black, with red wings and a red 14. we finally got out there and did the work, Filed up the bottle, half water, half air! We did not come 1st 2nd or 3rd, but we did come 5th or 6th! I am very happy with that…