Book title: Choose your own ever after | THE call of the wild| 

Author: Julie Fison 

For this week, i am currently reading a book called “THE call of the wild”. This book is a choose your that means you can choose what way you want to go, E.G “If you think that Phoebe should go to ryans party, go to page 29” or “If you think Phoebe should go to to the movies for her wild life club, go to page 81”. I really love these kinds of books, because once you have read it one time, you can go back and do all the other suggestions. PLUS i love books with drama, i haven’t been this engaged in a story since last year! When i started reading..i didn’t want to stop.

Some of the events that have happened:

  • Phoebe is going to the populist guys party in the whole of school!
  • She is going shopping for clothes to wear to his party.
  • Phoebe and her friends (Kimmi and Annabelle) are signing up for a wildlife club.