Welcome back…

Some things i have been up to are:

  • Netball- I did training today and i really worked hard we had to do one lap of the oval, 3 suicides in 2 minuets, also we had to run up to one line and do 2 burpies, then run up to the next line and do 5 sit-ups, then 20 star jumps, run back down and 5 push-ups! (I didn’t do then properly so i had to do an extra 10) 
  • Also WE GOT A NEW PUPPY!! (over the holidays) His name is Toby, he is a jack Russell cross with a a dog that has long legs (Don’t judge…)  He also bites alot witch is very annoying… but he is still soooo cute!

(I’m sorry i didn’t have much on……. it’s just that its the start of the term..)