Keeping up with School is what i have been doing lately at school. (Subjects) 

  • Mathematics- We have been learning about shapes; 3D and 2D shapes, we are also making a stop motion film about the shapes, with my group we are doing a very pretty girl marries a very rich man, and they live in a “CUBE” type house…and (Updating…) 
  • English- Writing- For writing this week i am starting a seed about wind/ trees ( i cant really say anything else because we just started term 2) 
  • Music- We are starting mix-craft, and making a sound track, with a music video at the end of Term!! i have used something like that before (garage band) so i know a bit about it..
  • library- i have borrowed a book called “THE call of the wild” its the best book ever i haven’t been able to put it down! i love it heaps, i also borrowed “Charlotte’s web” and “The guinea pig home”