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April 2016

Personal post + Subjects

Hey all! This week i have been up to some great stuff! Events: Netball- Monarchs- Positions-  C (center) GS (Goal Shooter) WA (Wing Attack) GK (Goal Keeper)- Won Chapel- This Wednesday in chapel we talk about character, How some celebrates… Continue Reading →

Reading log | Week 3A | Term 2|

HI again! New book Tittle: The fault in our stars I have a new book this week, it is an amazing book! I have also seen the movie. I really recommend this book. (This book is red dotted in the… Continue Reading →

Subjects – school – Week 2B, term 2.

Hey! This post is about the things i have been up too in school! Subjects: Maths- an amazing day of 3D shapes, making stop-motion films, and editing! English- Reading- have a new book, I thought i might go back to… Continue Reading →

Personal post

Hey! This post is about what i’m up to this week, and also my interests! Interests: My little puppy Toby Netball – i do netball at least 5 times a week. electronics – iPad, computer, TV etc. sports – running,… Continue Reading →

Reading Log

Hi, this week i have been reading AGAIN Charlotte’s web. i am just about to finish it! it is an amazing book, and u strongly recommend this book. Some events that have happened: Wilbur is very lonely Charlotte is not… Continue Reading →

Invisible boy…

Here comes the story of the invisible boy… legend has it, he got struck by lightning, all of a sudden..HE TURNED INVISIBLE..swooping round the class rooms..stealing food..have you noticed him?

Keeping up with school |Week 1A|

Keeping up with School is what i have been doing lately at school. (Subjects)  Mathematics- We have been learning about shapes; 3D and 2D shapes, we are also making a stop motion film about the shapes, with my group we… Continue Reading →

iProject |Week 1A|

Hi, this term we are doing something new…its called iProject, its something where “I” want to share my learning/improvements by creating a video or document etc. about something i am Passionate about. i have some ideas for you, comment what… Continue Reading →

Personal post |Week 1A|

Welcome back… Some things i have been up to are: Netball- I did training today and i really worked hard we had to do one lap of the oval, 3 suicides in 2 minuets, also we had to run up… Continue Reading →

Reading log | Term 2 | Week 1A

Book title: Choose your own ever after | THE call of the wild|  Author: Julie Fison  For this week, i am currently reading a book called “THE call of the wild”. This book is a choose your own..so that means… Continue Reading →

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