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Wednesday night netball…

I step onto court with a really mean umpire! she yells “GIRLS LISTEN, NAILS PLEASE”  she checks our nails making sure they aren’t to long..I am captain, she gives the opponent the coin and i say tales..it crashes on the floor.. with a cling sound..HEADS! the umpire says to my opponent “OKAY HEADS, FIRST CENTER OR CHOOSE WITCH WAY YOUR GOING TO SHOOT?!” center…okay then we will go this way! awesome..i got to my position (Goal shooter) the whistle blows soon enough and they get the first goal.my insides..are felling fine so far, so then its our center..so forward soon enough the score gets between 20 and 13 we are on thirteen until i step up my game and become tie with 20. 1 minute left of the whole game counting down. we tie again with 21.. “BEEEEEEEEEEEEEP” Game over with a tie everyone’s faces look soooo confused (It was funny actually) Umpire calls “THREE MINUTES EACH SIDE SO ITS FAR”  we start at one end..forgetting that it’s  three minutes each side 🙁 …score gets higher and higher 23 to 24 “BEEEEEEEEEEEP” it goes off again…”WAIT THREE MINUTES EACH SIDE!” we then run to the other side and start again…goals are still raising 24 to 27 with 3 seconds left..we sadly lost BUT we come back from camp and we would be really tired…and worn out So that good…that was probably the first time we lost in like 3 years 🙁


Sorry about the ending i didn’t want it to go forever 🙂