What have you been learning about in Inquiry?

In inquiry we have been doing AUDIO, it is something where you film a tongue twister. My group have an easy tongue twister its (Peter piper pick a peck of pickled peppers) The last lesson for filming was today, we have filmed all of our parts. except i need to film my part again.

What have you been learning about in English?

In English we have been doing blogging or shared inquiry, for shared inquiry we have special groups and we read ‘FOLK’ tales. we read it once, then write our questions. read it a second time then argue who agrees with what and once we have argued enough and all of our questions are answered, the teacher tells us the focus question then we argue about that!

What have you been learning about in Maths?

In maths we have groups, so there are ‘GURUS’ and we sign up to each one of them, then we go to that ‘GURU’ we signed up too!

In project maths we have been doing a warm up like there are four 9 dots…and your have 4 lines to try and get every dot. like connect them up!

in normal class maths: We have been using shapes as numbers! called martin numbers (I forgot)

What have you been learning about in your specialists subjects?

Music: learning the piano and marimbas, ALSO we learnt the song ‘i got a feeling’ and we are learning ‘eye of the tiger’!! i cant wait! WHOOOO, also with the marimbas: we are going off into groups and making songs by our self! Alice is on the tiny marimba! Camilla is on the same medium marimba.

Drama: Next week we are getting a judge in and he is going to score us in our group (that we already have) and we have do act doing these games (RING RING, SPACE JUMP, ELEVATOR)

Science: finishing the handbook (with rules, experiments and much more) also looking at things under the microscope

Sport: i am doing swimming and this week for all of the teams/ sports there is going to be a lighting premiership!