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March 2016

Weekly reflection + goal setting

Hi again..some of my goals i have been working on!   Goals Hand writing – Getting better, but i need to take my time Khan academy activities- going so well…maybe some more at home though  practicing tennis- Horrible i just… Continue Reading →

About Emily :)

Hi…This week i have been up to some pretty neat stuff want to find out? read more!!       Netball Wednesday night netball… I step onto court with a really mean umpire! she yells “GIRLS LISTEN, NAILS PLEASE”  she… Continue Reading →

Year 6 Reading Log – Term 1, Week 7

I am still reading my favorite book (Ellen DeGeneres)!! Watching words… 6 words to find that are fascinating or different!   Treatise  entomological Also Ellen has a lot of peoples first and last name..so i get really mixed up..i sit… Continue Reading →

My interests!

The things i love most in life are: Sport- I love sport because it keeps me healthy and i feel really active when i play my sport! weather i’m bad or good. family – My family are most important even if… Continue Reading →

Keeping up with Emily!

What have you been learning about in Inquiry? In inquiry we have been doing AUDIO, it is something where you film a tongue twister. My group have an easy tongue twister its (Peter piper pick a peck of pickled peppers) The… Continue Reading →

Year 6 Reading Log – Term 1, Week 6

This week i have started a new book called: Ellen DeGeneres (The funny thing is…) Events:  introducing the story making sure u floss (read the book!) step by step on how to be happy! interesting words: Scotch flossing fire proof… Continue Reading →

Goals – asked by Parents

My mom and dad have asked some goals that i have to set. i really hope that i can master these goals so i get better here are the goals!! Practice tennis Complete more activities in khan academy editing my… Continue Reading →

Weekly Relection

My goal is to get neater handwriting, i think that i can do much better. i really want to achieve this goal and i have tried for a long time! My goal: practice handwriting How have you gone with your… Continue Reading →

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