Book: The boy in the dress

Plot: Write about the setting found in one of the books you read this week. Use adjectives to describe it. Have you ever been in a similar setting? When and why?

Setting: Football game.

The setting is a football game, Dennis has a very bad cold and its the final game, he could win..or he may not. he chooses to play the game, what does he do next? i guess you will have to read the book. i have been in a setting like that before, it was at my brothers footy game when he played for a team. now he plays soccer, for a different team. i used to play soccer too.

Events: TV Show

In the start of the book there is a TV show that Dennis loves called “Trisha” its about a lady who is going through tough times like Dennis. After his dad and mom divorced, Dennis has watched this TV show ever since.

david wallams