The book i am reading at the moment is Awful Auntie by David Walliams.

What’s your reading habits?

My reading habits are reading every night and making sure i get a good book, lately i haven’t found a book that has clicked for me, but the other day i found a book that has been written from my favorite author.

It is David Walliams, I read one of his books, demon dentist. you know the feeling when you never want that book to finish, i went through a sires and it was the best books i have ever read! like i couldn’t  stop reading them. i have found a new book, its thick but very little words.

How much to you read?

i try to read every night, sometimes i just don’t have time, but i love reading, when i was younger i got really angry because i couldn’t read the words, so i thew the book around. Now my mom calls me a bookworm! i prefer reading over maths…that’s how much i love it! hah..

What are your favorite authors?  

David Walliams.

Jaclyn Harvey (i think i spelled her name wrong).

Roald Dahl.

Andy Griffiths.

Terry Denton.

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