In year 8,

students did a cre8 project, lots of paintings, crafting, cooking etc, they have a few terms to think, create, and show, so the whole of year 5 went over to yr 8 and had a look at there creations, it was AMAZING, they cre8ted a whole lot of things, the first cre8tion I saw was a necklace, it was made out of some sort of clay, then you put your decorations on then cook it in the oven, even earrings. The next thing I saw was an desk made out of metal, and has little squares with nails in it, it was so cool, she made it with her mom and dad and it was a kind of metal, that you can sort of bend I think? It was very cool, after that we went into another room and found a little house thing, it was made out of balser wood. It was a 2 story house with a lifted up roof, like a roof that is slightly tilted.¬†it was amazing! we then went up stairs and we found someone who made the quad in minecraft, with almost every little detail it took him along time about 20 weeks (two terms) I thought I could never do anything like that in my life! then last of all which was my favorite, a cre8tion a donut bean bag!! it was amazing, it had a circle in the middle¬†like a real donut, and had tiny little fabric sprinkle’s on it and it was so comfy!! I wanted to buy it but I couldn’t (I didn’t have enough money)

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