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October 2015


In this session scratch, I did an animation, it was a dancing animation and I had lots and lots of the same, to make the people dance at the same you go when (flag) clicked then under that you put forever, then… Continue Reading →

The Honest Truth

Here is the refection on the honest truth  


Today in robotics, our group PER fect, started making the hello, we also got the pipe and the pole sorted, the problem is that the pole isn’t stable enough and we are not allowed to use sticky tape so our… Continue Reading →

The Honest Truth

The question jess asks is “why?” She asks why because she wants to know where mark is, even though she sort of knows where he is. What do you think Jess I talking about here? Jess wants to know where Mark… Continue Reading →

cre8 project

In year 8, students did a cre8 project, lots of paintings, crafting, cooking etc, they have a few terms to think, create, and show, so the whole of year 5 went over to yr 8 and had a look at… Continue Reading →


Today in scratch, we did scratch evaluations, I did Evie, Ellie, and Sam… I got the scratch evaluations that were done on me and the feed back is down below. My new Scratch Game.. My new scratch game is about, well… Continue Reading →

R0b0tics evaluation

Today in robotics, we got evaluated on our program, Emma and I worked as a team and made the same program. Our program was follow single black line, it did work but because we put tank wheels on it didn’t… Continue Reading →


Today in micro worlds, the whole of yr 5 had to share there micro worlds quiz, we shared them in groups of 4, I was in a group with: Grace L, Harry s (Sadler), Jesse M (Middleton). I didn’t get… Continue Reading →

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