On 16/09/2015, for the year fives it was maker day.

We had four sections, Decision Maker, Bottle Rockets, Solar Boats, Racing Cars, for my first one I was in the Racing Car group, First of all Mr. McKie had to explain how we were going to do it, this is how it went, You have to get a can, a small cog a big cog, two big and small wheels, one motor, two battery’s, one battery holder and one Long axle.

We then had to cut a hole in the can for the things to fit in and to connect to look like a circuit, once I cut the hole Mrs. Watson came in and asked us to go outside to connect the motor the battery holder and the small cog, so it will make a circuit, we did that and then we went back, and started to connect  the wheels and the axels to the inside of the can we didn’t get it all finished but we will do it soon