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September 2015

Maker Day

On 16/09/2015, for the year fives it was maker day. We had four sections, Decision Maker, Bottle Rockets, Solar Boats, Racing Cars, for my first one I was in the Racing Car group, First of all Mr. McKie had to explain… Continue Reading →


Today in scratch, I have almost finished the forth level of my new game, super jump, I learnt how to make the same sprite but moving them slightly, its really easy, for example, a guy running, he would look like… Continue Reading →


Today in robotics, we found out that our robot wasn’t working, we don’t know but we think that one of the wheels weren’t in the right place or something, but so lucky Emma (who is in our group) fixed it which… Continue Reading →


In scratch this week, I have been working on a new game called supero jumpo, I have had trouble with a part witch is very important to the game because it makes that character(basket-ball) move/jump, so I had trouble with the… Continue Reading →

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