On the 21 of august,

All of the year 5’s went down to junior school, and went to the year 2 classrooms we split up  5b and half of 5c went into Mrs. Ogston and the other half of 5c and 5a went to Mr. Dimauro, so I went to Mr. Dimauro, anyway I went in and found a little girl called Makenzie, I worked with her for the half an hour and I showed her my games, I told her about the new one I’m making its called supero jumpo, and I also told her the game that I have finished, and that called maze game, so we tried that and she did really really well, then she got stuck on a level it was a hard one, anyway so I said “well why don’t we make a game together?” so we made a game and I taught Makenzie how to make the game and she wanted to make a game about a princess and a prince, so the game is about the princess is trying to find the prince, and the princess goes to all these places, and at the end of all of them the is a dot, because when you touch it, it goes to the next level, so she really wanted to finish it but we ran out of time so I promised her that I would come down soon and show her the game, I had lots of fun it was great!!