Today I have been working on a project on a website called scratch,

I have two games, one is a maze game with a 2 race tracks, and two mazes, I have now learnt, that when you touch a certain color (on the maze game as a wall) if you touch it you will go back to the start!

How to do it?

You go into the scripts, then the Events and get the -WHEN (FLAG) CLICKED- drag that out to the page next to it, then go into control, and get two things witch are -FOREVER- and -IF—-THEN- and drag that onto the page, but you put the forever behind it like this -> and then in the middle where it says -IF—-THEN- you put -TOUCHING COLOR—?-

Capture-- In the middle of that and you also click where it has the color then you click that and touch the color that you would like, after that you go in to the motion sprite and get the (-GO TO X:— Y:—–) then you move your mouse to the spot you want it to land when you touch the wall, what I did was make it go back to the start, and down the bottom it will say ( -X:—– Y:—) then you type the number in that was at the bottom, and then click the -FLAG- button that is up the top!!