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July 2015


Today in R0botics I have tried to start a new one but the bad thing is again that it doesn’t work!… The boys in our group (Sam/henry) shut it down and charged it which was really helpful because it wasn’t… Continue Reading →


Today in robotics I finished my program, But it didn’t work :(…..well it didn’t go onto the actual robot, I kept trying, but it took a long time so I went back onto the computer and started a new program I wanted it… Continue Reading →


On 15/7/2015, All of the year 5’s did tribes, my group was Evie, Ben , Noah, we did an activity that was all about our favorite food, toy and favorite color, I did for my favorite color, it was a… Continue Reading →


On 15/7/2015, We did spinners (for maths) we made mini spinners and tested them out before we went on to predicting on what the score on the internet spinners game! (http://nlvm.usu.edu/en/nav/vlibrary.html) we went on the website and started to spin the spinner, at… Continue Reading →

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