On 16/06/2015

All of the year 5’s went to Melbourne, at Melbourne we went to a LEGO education center where we did lego projects! my first one was Billy carts, then after that we had to do solar things witch was a Ferris wheel, there were three types of solar parts there was wind light and kinetic power with kinetic power we had to store the solar in a storage place (I don’t no what is called!) and lucky last we did robots that was the best part! we had to go on an computer and put in commands then we had to put the commands in the robot Ruby and i’s robot was called baconandeggs! once we did that we had to test it out and make it hit the rocket the robot had a magnet on the front of it soo it could pick up the rocket and take it back then we showed the teacher after that she gave us another task it was to make the robot go to the rocket and pick it up then go backwards to the start! Ruby and I tried that but…we didn’t have enough time…but I sort of worked it actually kept spinning around for some reason that was really funny, the last task we did was make it go around the table cloth (it was a space one) and had to go around in a circle or a square then it was time to go sadly because I had lots and lots of fun!