On 18/06/2015,

We had an Rube Goldberg machine expo, my group was Evie, Camilla, Ruby and I our Rube Goldberg machine out lollies in a bowl! when the first group came in witch was some of our parents, they came in to look first before they go to work or something sadly my mum or dad did not come :(….

The year 8 and 6’s came most of them got big big hand fills of lollies witch was unfair to the other people that were coming but luckily we had like 5 or 6 bags of lollies! but it was getting really annoying after a while because they were just taking the lollies not actually looking at how our Rube Goldberg machine work!! And then after the year 8 and 6’s came we had ELC’S they were so cute! There was two girls that I loved one was Amelia she was soooo cute she had tiny tiny curls so cute and one other girl named harper I kept asking for hugs and she would hug me! she would literally squeeze me! she was strong for a ELC.

Then the year fours came they were great fun too they liked our machine just like the others!

Big thanks for Ms Cameron! she help us today and all the other days thanks Ms Cameron!!