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June 2015

LEGO education!

On 16/06/2015 All of the year 5’s went to Melbourne, at Melbourne we went to a LEGO education center where we did lego projects! my first one was Billy carts, then after that we had to do solar things witch was a… Continue Reading →

Rube Goldberg expo!

On 18/06/2015, We had an Rube Goldberg machine expo, my group was Evie, Camilla, Ruby and I our Rube Goldberg machine out lollies in a bowl! when the first group came in witch was some of our parents, they came… Continue Reading →

pulleys and chains

There are 30 pulleys and 24 chains, they need to be packed in to equal size boxes, but cannot me mixed. How many items might be in each box? Can you find 3 or more answers? to also work it… Continue Reading →

Yr 5 & 6 sport

On 11/6/2015, we did yr 5 and 6 sport unfortunately we didn’t get to play against another school so we made some teams up and…. my team won witch was great, I had lots of fun too! It was a… Continue Reading →


On 9/6/2015, we had an Allegro excursion, on that day we played our instruments and practiced for a performance! I play the flute, so all of the year fives (5a 5b 5c) played there instruments. we had to learn 3 pieces of… Continue Reading →


I am word with six letters. My motto is together as one. If you remove my first and second letters, you can wear me. If you remove my third letter I can be painful. If you remove my second, third… Continue Reading →


last night I went to my dads soccer game, he started the game being off, then he got really tird  when he got on the court he started to feel really tired so he want off for about five minutes…. Continue Reading →

Black cat!

I have been working on a piece of writing called: Black cat, I have done a few of the same poems but each time it gets better after that I add them altogether but not repeating the words, when I finished it… Continue Reading →

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