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May 2015

Micro worlds

micro power points

jump rope for heart!

Today all of the year 5s helped out with jump rope for heart at the gym! It was lots  of  fun! we had the year 2s,first I helped out with the partner skipping and then I had to help out… Continue Reading →


On 14/5/2015 we did yr 5 and 6 sport, I played soccer with my twin brother his friends and one of my best friend. the team we lost against was Montpellier, we lost sadly the were a really really good… Continue Reading →


Today in maths we did a activity where you can make up you own three digit number, and write down as many combinations as u can, my first combination was 123 and I only came up with 18! After that we… Continue Reading →


On 14/5/2015 I did electives, my elective was 3D printing. In 3D printing I was drawing a iPhone 4 cover, we (Joy and I) had to draw a plan of a iPhone of our choice  I did a iPhone 4, my… Continue Reading →


On 8/5/2015 we had design and we started a new plan and a new project it involves a train track, car, big car board box,  and a house with a doorbell. it has a sort of pulley made out of lego… Continue Reading →


On 5/5/2015 we did F1 racing, my car was up first against my twin brother and his partner and my partner, I was with grace and harry was with Harrison, when we got up to the racing part when our car… Continue Reading →

Rube Goldberg project

On 5/5/2015 we did a project about Rube Goldberg, I did a poster about rube Goldberg, my favorite part about him is that he had 7 children! That is a lot but unfortunately 3 of them died. and my other favorite part… Continue Reading →


Maths Today in maths we did a game called: Just Gridding. We had to roll a die and what ever number is on the die you put it in the grid, when you are done you add it up with a calculator from the… Continue Reading →

The nine lives of Alexander Baddenfield

This book has got me in a different world. This is now my favorite book, It is a very funny book first of all this boy called Alexander baddenfield he died but he has nine lives, like a cat! His family started… Continue Reading →

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