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Today we have begun on our next project. This is a project where we will make a whole course out of everything we have done this year such as Rube Goldberg Machines marble rollers and cardboard projects. Each group will make one section to put into the course. I will be making a section of a Rube Goldberg machine. This is my design.WIN_20151022_130557My design is to do with my hydraulic arm. This hydraulic arm is powered by water and syringes. There is a syringe at one end when you push it water travels through a tube extending another syringe turning, lifting, or closing the arm. In my design there is a cup with a funnel taped to a syringe that makes the arm turn. Water will fill the cup applying pressure to the syringe forcing water through the tube turning the arm. I will place a marble in the path of the arm causing the marble to be knocked onto another section. I will also need to make something to keep the syringes upright.


hydraulic arm          hydraulic arm

tape                         a cup

a cup

a marble

Oct 26

Today was the second session of the big thing. This session I haved made a second design, the reason I made a second design is so my section can be continuous instead of only working once. My new design still includes my hydraulic my except there is a tube running across the side of the arm. At the start of the tube there is a funnel to catch a marble. The reason the tube is attached to the arm is so I can change the height and angle of the tube making it adaptable to most problems. After everyone had finished there designs we had to find a partner to group our section to. For me this was quite easy because my section is adaptable because it is attached to the arm. Next session I plan to either further improve my design or begin building. WIN_20151028_090502





Oct 27

Today I begun building my section for the big thing. The first step was to have a look at my plan to see what materials I needed. I first got some tube and my hydraulic arm. I taped the tubing to the arm and attached a funnel so my section could catch several balls at once. The first problem I encountered was the ball not travelling through the whole tube. To fix this I placed a bottle underneath the tubing fixing the problem. The second problem was kinks in the tube. The solution to this was cutting the tube short where the kinks were, this also helped the previous problem. Next session I am going to remove the tape and bottle and replace it with wire so my tubing will be more secure and my arm will be able to move more.WIN_20151028_090048

Oct 30

Today I disassembled my arm and reassembled it with wire instead of tape I also attached the tube to a support bottle to make sure the tube stays in place. My section works well and I think will continue to work well throughout the time we test. Today we also tested all our sections together to see if they all functioned well together. My section has a funnel because the group behind me has a jump at the end so my section can catch the ball after there jump. We are all still testing our sections to get rid of any problems and improve how well they work. The modifications I plan to make is sticking some tape on the holes in the funnel because 1 out of 10 times it gets stuck the tape will fix this problem by covering the holes. I will further modify my section by dealing with the problems I face when I join with the other groups. I think some potential problems with my section is the ball not making it through the tube every time and the jump at the end of my section not launching the ball far enough.


Nov 5

Today we had another session of the big thing. This session the section behind me were ready to test with my section to fix any problems that would occur. Here is a table of the problems and solutions.

 the ball not gaining enough speed in there sections tubing  changing the angle of the tube
 the tube not staying in position  hot gluing it down
 balls getting stuck in my funnel  changing the angle of the funnel to upright so the ball couldn’t get stuck
 the ramp in front of my section not catching the ball  gluing a tube in front of the end of my section leading the ball into there section
 the lanes in the section in front not always leading the ball into the goals.  gluing walls and adjusting the angle of the ramp.
needing tape  we used glue and wire to attach tubes

Here is a video of four sections working together.

Next session I plan to further improve our connecting sections and add on the sections after the sections we have already connected.

Nov 6

This session I used Tinkercad because I have finished my section for the big thing. There is a post on my 3D printed marble roller page that you can have a look at instead.

Nov 13

This session of the big thing we did our first test. Overall it was quite successful. Our sections worked seven in a row. The problems for my section is the marble not jumping accurately enough for it to land in the next section every time. I think the reason for this is the momentum of the marble varies from where it begun and how smoothly it traveled through the tubing. We could fix this by having a starting point and all the components in our sections could be secured tighter in there place I think the teamwork and communication between our sections was quite good because all seven sections were connected and working. I also think we had good communication because I did not feel angry or frustrated at any time. Before the test I felt quite confident that my section would work. My section ended up working on the second try. The first try the marble travelled through the tube and hit the top of the next section. I will fix this by using the suggestion above and talking to the section in front to see if they have any ideas.

Here is the video for the first test.


Nov 19

Today for the big thing we had our second test. So far during the previous sessions we have been able to link 10 sections in row. After this test I think I need to secure my section and make it more steady so it works every time and doesn’t wobble. I think I need to make this modification because sometimes the ball bearing gets stuck and doesn’t travel through the tubing, also the ball bearing sometimes gets stuck in the tubing. I think the communication between our groups is still good because we are able to connect more linking sections.

Nov 22

On Friday we had another big thing session, this session we had our third test. I believe the communication between our groups is still good because we are removing any problems and perfecting our connected sections.. The modifications I made on my section were changing the height and angle of the tubing preventing kinks, and changing the position of the tubing on the arm to the side of the arm so the all travels smoothly gaining more momentum. After these modification my section works every time and so do the sections on either side. I think next session I will test a few more times and if our connected session are working well I will help connect more sections.

Nov 27

Today was the final test for our sections. I am quite pleased because my modifications worked well and my machine too. Since last session we have not been able to link any more sections. This test any machines that didn’t work 100% where removed. Before the final test we all had to test our machines separately. Mine worked and I was quite confident that it would pass the test.  The modifications I made this session were attaching the base of my arm to the table because it was able to slip and change the position of the tubing would change. I also taped the funnel in position so the marble could travel smoothly through it. I believe our communication is good and we don’t need to modify our connected sections.

Nov 30

This session my machine still worked well and I made some slight modifications. The modifications I made were attaching the bottle to support the tubing to the table with tape to keep it firmly in place and prevent it from slipping. Then attached the tube leading into my section to my sections funnel so the marble enters smoothly into my part. I believe the communication between our groups is functioning well because our sections our still working together and we have been able to iron out all the problems we encountered. Here is a picture of my finished section.

WIN_20151130_122003I also wrote a reflection about all the work I have done. Here it is.


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