Year 5 Allegro Concert

Over the semester we all have been playing an instrument, I chose trombone. On a trombone to make different noises there is a slide. The air travels through the tube and the longer you make the tube it makes a different noise, you can also make different noises by tightening your lips. Yesterday we all went to the Keith Humble Centre for a whole day to share everything we have learnt. Each instrument played one or two short pieces each to our friends and family. The trombone group played two pieces they were called Slip Sliding and Tango Delae. At the end all the instruments played a song together called Go Go Allegro. I had a great time. IMG_0108


Today in LDD Our challenge was to make a Lego model that was robust and strong. For it to be classified a robust it had to be drop tested from table height. First I built a back up model so if my other model broke I would have that one. That model was just a normal car but it was very robust. Then I started on my next one, for that model I made a quad copter. The propellers were wheels connected to axles then the axels were connected to the base. Because my Bricks didn’t overlay it wasn’t very strong and when I tested that model it broke.