Our Rube Goldberg Machine

In design on Friday we worked on our Rube Goldberg machines. In our machines we had to have the number of elements and simple machines equal to the number of people in the group. Our group was almost done building but unfortunately we didn’t have enough simple machines so we had to completely restart. We all went back to our table and thought up a whole new design, this time with enough simple machines. Our design now has a pulley, inclined plane, fulcrum and a lever. The fulcrum and lever make up a see saw and the inclined plane makes a ramp. So far we have built the first element, a ramp leading to a see saw. Next session we will try to get the see saw to work and build the next element, which is a track leading to a pencil that releases a wind up car.

Icecream and Clothes

Over the past few maths sessions we have worked on the same problem set out in different ways, this maths was . The first problem was the number problem. We all chose three numbers and then tried to find all the possible combinations. Everyone had the same strategy, an organised list or a random list. it wasn’t very efficient and I don’t  think anyone actually found the answer.WIN_20150513_145902

The second problem was the icecream problem. There were three different flavours and three different size cones and we had to find all the combinations. It was the same problem but it made us think about it differently. Most of us came up with a different strategy for example, the tree diagram, I used an array, it worked much better than the organized list and was much more efficient because if you did it for one cone size you could just times it by three.WIN_20150515_090058

The last problem was the holiday clothes problem. There were lots of different clothes and we had to find out all the outfit combinations. For this problem my strategy was the tree diagram, it was definitely the most efficient strategy. But It took me two tries to figure out the answer because the first time I made the mistake of not drawing all the types of clothes on the diagram.WIN_20150515_090544