Hello this is my weekly reflection.


During maths today we wrote our rules for a problem called billiard ball bounces. This question is about a ball that travels on a pool table with a hole on each corner, the ball starts at the bottom left and roles until it hits a wall then turns 45 degrees and continues until it goes in. We drew lots of tables in our grid books and tested rules to find out the answer of bounces here are mine.

If the largest grid number is a multiple of the other number like 5×10 for example, you divide the largest number by the smallest and then minus one from the answer and that is the amount of bounces. To find the amount of bounces for a grid with numbers that aren’t both even you plus both grid numbers then minus two and you have the amount of bounces.


During writing today I wrote a seed about the topic footsteps. I wrote about this topic because it has many possible ideas and lots of different pieces could come from it. My ideas were people entering the house at night and hearing footsteps and having a vampire following the character. I think the piece I write will be horror and I will try to make the reader scared.


Today in inquiry we all received a feedback form for our promo films and gave feedback to others. The areas I worked on from my feedback were using more editing choices such as slo-mo, timelapse and split screen, making the film more fun and more balanced. To fix all these I added leasurelink so the film was balanced and fun and with the leasurelink footage I made a split screen section to add more editing choices.