Today I used a program called scratch this is a programming program in which you drag and drop bricks and connect them together to make your sprite move. Today I made a game where you have to jump from platform to platform. The first step in making this game is the backdrops, the back drops can be pictures, they can be drawn or they can be chosen from the backdrop library I drew my backdrops. The second step is the sprites, blog pics 1the sprites are your characters. You have the same options as the backdrops and you can have as many as you want. The final step is the scripts. the scripts make you be able to control the sprite. here are all the types of bricks you can use. blog picsTo move my sprite the keys you use are, right arrow to move right, left arrow to move left and space bar to jump. Today I learnt how to make a health system. To do this there is many ways but I only know one. To make a health system you hide your sprite to do this find the hide brick in the looks section. Then find the pen down brick in the pen section. Now when your first sprite touches a certain colour make it broadcast a message. Now When your second sprite receives the message it will go forward leaving a line behind it. Next time I plan to make more levels and a starting screen.Today I used a program called scratch this is a programming program in which you drag and drop bricks and connect them together to make your sprite move.

August 6

Today in scratch I learnt how to make enemies. To do this you need to make a new sprite then you drag the when flag is clicked brick in, then add a forever loop underneath. In the forever loop put point towards sprite 1 and move forward 10 steps. So when the flag is clicked it will forever go to your main character.

scratchAugust 8

Today I learnt about first person games, a first person is a game in which you see through your characters eyes. To make this type of game there is a quite different set of commands and programs to a third person game. My game is a game where you have to jump hurdles.scratch

Instead of the normal moving controls I used these ones to make it a first person game. This program is for the hurdle, when you press the up arrow the hurdle will get bigger giving the illusion that you are moving forward, the down arrow makes the hurdle smaller giving the illusion your moving backward. The purple brick changes the size and the yellow brick that says repeat slows down the speed at which the hurdle changes size, the bigger the number in the purple brick the faster you will move and the bigger the number is in yellow repeat brick the further you will move. Next lesson I plan to refine my lava run game.

Testing My Games With Kids

Aug 17

Today all of year five went to kinder to test the games we made on scratch. Here is a list of all the things I would refine and keep with my game after testing with the kids.

* I would use less complicated controls I used the arrow keys and AWD controls, I would change this because the kids had some trouble remembering how to move around and if they looked away sometimes they could not find the controls again

* I would keep the moving crowd and explosions because these features kept the kids entertained

* I would also keep the big cars because they could see easily and it didn’t strain there eyes .

This was a good experience because until now we have only tested our games with ourselves and year 5. Now we now what things a game has to include if the game is for young kids. I think a game for young kids has to include large objects so they don’t have to strain there eyes, simple controls so they can play easily and simple but entertaining components.

Sep 10

One of the things that I have recently learnt about in scratch is variables. A variable can make decision, it can keep count and it can also be used as components in games such as coins and health. blog variblesThe top brick changes the variable by whatever number you put in you can also make and use other variables in this brick. The second brick sets the variable count to the number that is in the space on the brick, at the moment there is a zero so the count on the health variable would be zero. The yellow brick and a variable brick together can make a decision. If I put a zero in the space on the green brick when a players health got to 0 he could die or lose an ability. To make a player die in between the yellow brick you could change backdrop or make the player disappear. I am using these variables in my boxing game called knockout. I use my health variable as a score system and my coin variable as money to buy different boxing gloves. Next session I am going to work on this game and fix any bugs or glitches.

boxing scratch blog

 Sep 11

This session I was working on my boxing game and adding more features. At first my idea was for an extra feature was that you could buy more characters with coins you earned but soon I relised that would be a lot of extra work so I changes my idea to extra abilities for your character. The extra ability I chose was fireballs, This is the program I made so you can only buy fireballs if you have more than ten coins.

The yellow if brick is saying if the variable count for coins is bigger than ten you can buy one fireball. If not you can’t.

Inside the if brick If b is pressed you can buy a fireball. This is a decision inside a decision when you press b it will only work if you have ten coins.firball


I am not sure why but when B is pressed nothing happens.


Sep 14

One of the things I have recently added in my games is velocity, to make velocity you need two variables, x-velocity and y-velocity they represent the sprites x and y position. Velocity make your game more realistic and difficult. When you hold your controls it takes time to speed up and slow down. If your want your player to move constantly you can put change x and y by your x and y velocity, then add controls that change your velocities so your character can move. I have added velocity in my new unicycle game I have also made the controls so you lean when go forward. Next session I will add more features to this game.


17 Sep

This scratch session I worked some more on my tight rope game. The changes I made were adding more levels, making a continue button and making an instruction screen. The first thing I will talk about is the levels.

2One of the most important components of this game is the lean variable. I have a block of bricks that say forever turn with the lean variable in the space on the brick, my sprite changes the lean bye the arrow keys so the longer you hold an arrow the faster the sprite will lean. To make the game harder as you progress through the levels I have put together these bricks. The if brick has in it, if level = 1 and if the arrow keys are pressed change lean by .1 or -.1 depending on what key is pressed. Then if level = 2 if arrow keys are pressed change lean by .2 or -.2 and so on as the levels change.

Next I will talk about the continue button. To make a button first you have to make a sprite. These are the scripts for this button. It says when the flag is clicked go to the position that I want it. Then when the sprite is clicked it hides and broadcasts message1, message1 is the message I use to start the sprites actions and movements. Capture32QWF





Finally I made the instructions screen to do this I made another button and did the same thing as the other button but put in a switch to backdrop brick underneath the when this sprite is clicked brick so when the button is clicked it switches to a backdrop with all the instructions written on it.

10 Oct

Today we had our last session of scratch I think I have learnt loads about making games and have some pretty good final products. Here is a snip of one of my finished games and some of its scripts.

This is a random terrain generator to do this the essential block is the pick random block. To make it a terrain genorater you just create a clone a random amount of times. The feedback I received from this game is here. I will use this feedback to improve and further WIN_20151013_122313develop my game by taking what the people said into account and thinking about it.  I have had lots of fun in scratch and I hope to continue at home. Overall I got good marks on my game I think this is because I spent quite a lot of time working on the scripts and graphics. One of the sections I had particularly high marks in for all my responses was appearance. A suggestion I received was to make the speed faster as the levels progress. I don’t think I will change that because currently I have the perfect speed if the speed becomes any slower it’s too slow and if it’s faster the speed is too fast but I have changed it in a different way by increasing the length of the world each level. A way I could further improve my game is making the loading only when it needs to. I currently have a wait twenty seconds before starting. but I could change it to when a certain script is finished broadcast a message then when the separate sprite receives the message finish loading.

Nov 16

Today for our programing session I used scratch. The new component I added in my game  this session was cloud variables. Cloud variables allow for cloud high scores to be incorporated in games. In my game you click a dollar bill which is a sprite, every time you click the sprite you gain a dollar to buy different backgrounds to customize your game.

Capture12The money is a variable so It can be changed continuously. If you click the LOAD SCORE sprite it sets your score as the high score, with the use of a if or else your score only loads if your money is higher than the high score already there. The high score needs to be a cloud variable so other users can view and compete. Next time I modify this game I will add more options in the shop to buy.

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