Reading Rant




TITLE-The Boy On The Top Of The Mountain

AUTHOR-John Boyne


This story is about a boy who has one German parent and one French parent and it starts before WW2. Early in the story both his parents die and he stays with his friend who lives in the apartment for a while. After a month or so he has to go to a orphanage since the only family he has left is one aunt who he has not seen his entire life. He spends a month at the orphanage before the aunty finds out what has happened she contacts the orphanage and he travels to Germany to meet his aunt. It turns out the house his aunt lives at is Hitlers holiday house and he is only seven at the time. Throughout the story the young child grows closer to Hitler and WW2 begins. He starts to agree with Hitler and his views and spends a lot of his life at the house. Then things start to change.

This story is historical fiction because it is about world war 2.

I liked the text because it is a narrative, which I enjoy a lot but has some real information in it, so I can learn some new things while I read. I didn’t like the start of the story because not much happened for the first chapter and it took a while for the story to get really interesting.

The character I liked the most in the story was Ernest the driver for the house, I liked him because he disagreed with Hitler the whole story and at one point attempted to poison him. I disliked Pierrot because towards the end because he was easily corrupted by Hitler and betrayed a few people in the book.

I would recommend this book to around 13 year olds to 19 year olds. I picked these ages because the book would be best for more mature ages.

I would rate this book 8/10 because it is quite interesting with some real facts and it’s descriptive and sets a scene in your head while you read.




TITLE-Diary Of A Wimpy Kid – Double Downbook1

AUTHOR-Jeff Kinney

This story is about a lot of different topics but it is set during Halloween and Greg goes to a Halloween party instead of trick or treating and he doesn’t have any candy and his mum hides all the Halloween candy. Also at his school there is a book fair and his mum gives him 20$ to buy some new books but he buys useless gadgets and is made to trade them in, he ends up getting scary books that give him nightmares. In order for Greg to get candy he needs to win a competition at his school where everyone lets go a balloon with a note and whoever gets the balloon back that travelled the furthest wins a jar of jelly beans. It is quite hard to writ about the plot because the book is about many different things because it is written in the form of a diary.

The book is a narrative and is about Gregs life in the form of a diary, he talks about school his brothers and much more.

I liked this book because it talks about many things instead of talking about the same for a whole book. This is good because you never aren’t interested. Sometimes I didn’t like how there is no description of his surrounding or what is happening but it is like that because you would not have thorough descriptions in a diary.

In the story I liked Rowley because he is quite entertaining as a character and is at the center of Gregs plans throughout the story. I didn’t like Greg because he always is making plans on how to get somewhere or get something. For example someone in the story was having a party and was inviting everyone in a certain band Greg made his parents buy him an instrument then he joined the band. After the party he stopped practicing and quit the band.

I would recommend this book to people who would like an interesting and funny book that is not too hard to read because each chapter is quite short and funny.

I rate this book a 6.5 / 10 because it’s an good book but I prefer books that have good descriptions of things in the book.