Simple Machines IMG_0234


Today we used a pulley to lift a bucket full of water up the stairs. Our group was Jesse, Olly, Ben, Camilla, Evie, Harriette, Bridie Emmy and I. We had wire, rope, bucket and a pulley. We decided that we would test it without the pulley first. Some of us went up the stairs with the rope looped it around the handrail and lowered it down. I tied the bucket to the end of the rope and we started to pull. It was much harder to up than it was with the pulley because the pulley reduced friction. I think that our group worked well because we worked quickly and we finished the task. Our challenges were the bucket braking.                                                                                                                                                                      IMG_0267

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    • I will add that the pulley works well as a simple machine because it takes less force to lift the bucket up the stairs. It is easier to pull up because the pulley reduces friction and the rope slides easier.

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