Reflection-Week 8

Hello this is my weekly reflection.


Today during maths we started a new project called my life in numbers. This is a project where we will tell people facts and things about ourselves using many different forms of maths. For example to tell a person my age instead of just saying my age it would be the answer of an equation like, (2 to the power of 3) divided by 2 + (3 to the power of 2) – 1. Some of the things we came up with to have in this project was the amount of days you have lived, your height, when you wake up, your age, how many days to the end of school and the difference between things.


During inquiry on Monday we were all editing our personal projects. Once I had finished editing the film I showed it to three people who only had one suggestion on what to change or add which was in two of the scenes have the first section of children playing bright and vibrant then when I get excluded have the colour fade away unfortunately I am unable to do that with Corel so I was unable to action that feedback. At the end of the lesson my group got the whole class on the oval and they all acted like it was lunch time everyone was playing games except for me sitting by myself we filmed that shot with the drone from a birds eye view.


In writing today I completed a seed and draft about running. I wrote about the heat, pain and breathlessness. I wrote this piece because I recently competed in Run Geelong. One of my favourite lines is the repetitive thud as my feet smack the pavement. I also like the line my pain stricken legs gradually slow and hypnotizing breaths surround me. Next writing session we will be decoration the boxes that our pieces will go home in at the end of the year, we need boxes because some of our pieces have been published in 3D.

Learning How To Program

programIn robotics today I learnt how to program a robot. We used a program called lego mindstorms. To make the programs you drag and drop bricks then connect them together and then download the program to your robot. Today I learnt about the movement of the robot such as the turning brick and moving blocks. On the first brick I made the speed 100 so it moves quickly and made it roll for ten seconds just to experiment how fast and far it will roll. For the second block I made the degrees of the turn 100 and rotations of the wheels on 3 so the robot spins 360 degrees three times. So then when you put them together the robot will roll forward and spin around three times. Next session I plan to test this program and use sensors in my next program.

Rube Goldberg Machines

Over the past semester everyone in year 5 has been building Rube Goldberg Machines. A Rube Goldberg Machine is a very complicated contraption to complete a simple task, like turning on a light or cooking toast ours flicked a lolly into your hand. Building our Rube Goldberg Machines took lots of time and hard work so today we had a chance to show them off. When we showed off our machine we explained who Rube Goldberg was and how our machine worked and then tried it out, our machine only worked once but luckily lots of people were watching. The restrictions to building our machines were, it had to have a number of simple machines and elements equal to the number of people in the group and it had to be confined in the size of one large box. Our group had four people so that meant four elements and four simple machines. Our simple machines were, two inclined planes, three levers, a wedge and a fulcrum. From building our Rube Goldberg Machines I learnt that if        something doesn’t work the first time you should keep on trying. IMG_4652

Lego Excursion

Yesterday all of year 5 went on an excursion to Lego Educational Center. There were 3 activities that we did. One of  activities that my group did was all about renewable energy or green energy. We got in pairs and built a ferris wheel. There were lots of different ways to generate electricity to make the ferris wheel spin. One way was to spin a handle connected to the motor. The second way was to use wind energy, there was a normal fan and a Lego fan the normal fan spun around ans the Lego fan generated electricity. The final way was light energy. There were solar panels that connected to the motor, then we put a lamp onto of the solar panel to generate the electricity. To transfer the electricity there was little metal bits on the leads and motors. Electricity doesn’t ever disappear it just gets transformed or transferred into different types of energy. Like when we spun the handle it used our energy and gave it to the ferris wheel. IMG_1679

Year 5 Allegro Concert

Over the semester we all have been playing an instrument, I chose trombone. On a trombone to make different noises there is a slide. The air travels through the tube and the longer you make the tube it makes a different noise, you can also make different noises by tightening your lips. Yesterday we all went to the Keith Humble Centre for a whole day to share everything we have learnt. Each instrument played one or two short pieces each to our friends and family. The trombone group played two pieces they were called Slip Sliding and Tango Delae. At the end all the instruments played a song together called Go Go Allegro. I had a great time. IMG_0108


Today in LDD Our challenge was to make a Lego model that was robust and strong. For it to be classified a robust it had to be drop tested from table height. First I built a back up model so if my other model broke I would have that one. That model was just a normal car but it was very robust. Then I started on my next one, for that model I made a quad copter. The propellers were wheels connected to axles then the axels were connected to the base. Because my Bricks didn’t overlay it wasn’t very strong and when I tested that model it broke.

Our Rube Goldberg Machine

In design on Friday we worked on our Rube Goldberg machines. In our machines we had to have the number of elements and simple machines equal to the number of people in the group. Our group was almost done building but unfortunately we didn’t have enough simple machines so we had to completely restart. We all went back to our table and thought up a whole new design, this time with enough simple machines. Our design now has a pulley, inclined plane, fulcrum and a lever. The fulcrum and lever make up a see saw and the inclined plane makes a ramp. So far we have built the first element, a ramp leading to a see saw. Next session we will try to get the see saw to work and build the next element, which is a track leading to a pencil that releases a wind up car.

Icecream and Clothes

Over the past few maths sessions we have worked on the same problem set out in different ways, this maths was . The first problem was the number problem. We all chose three numbers and then tried to find all the possible combinations. Everyone had the same strategy, an organised list or a random list. it wasn’t very efficient and I don’t  think anyone actually found the answer.WIN_20150513_145902

The second problem was the icecream problem. There were three different flavours and three different size cones and we had to find all the combinations. It was the same problem but it made us think about it differently. Most of us came up with a different strategy for example, the tree diagram, I used an array, it worked much better than the organized list and was much more efficient because if you did it for one cone size you could just times it by three.WIN_20150515_090058

The last problem was the holiday clothes problem. There were lots of different clothes and we had to find out all the outfit combinations. For this problem my strategy was the tree diagram, it was definitely the most efficient strategy. But It took me two tries to figure out the answer because the first time I made the mistake of not drawing all the types of clothes on the diagram.WIN_20150515_090544



Today everyone chose electives. There were four to choose from, including robotics, 3d printing, micro worlds and my group Lego Digital Designer. The program that our group uses is the same as the program that the people at  Lego use to make new products. Instead of using LDD we got to use actual Lego, I built a tractor and tried to make steering that worked but it was too hard. I think our group is the best.

The Weekend

On the weekend Sam and his brother Mitch came over. We all played darts. Sam won most of the rounds even though we had two darts each. We also built a Rube Goldberg machine. It was very hard but after many tries it finally worked. It was so cool to watch it finally work.