Reflection-Week 7A

Hello this is my weekly reflection.


During maths today we completed a problem about a pyramid of blocks. In the question there was a picture of a pyramid shape made from blocks but we could only see one side of the structure, the first question was how many blocks are there in the pyramid. I found the answer to this by counting how many blocks there were on each side of the bottom layer and multiplying them together and so on. After 3 layers I noticed a pattern, the pattern was that if you were six layers down from the top the equation to find the amount of blocks is 6 x 7 and if you are at layer 4 it is 4 x 5. Once you have all the answers to the layer equations you plus them together and you have the answer.


During Inquiry today we made some more edits to our personal film. First we re-filmed a scene where being bullied (me)was crying and it was a close up of my face, we had to re-film because there was a fake tear drop on my fore head wich made the shot not realistic. We also have planned to tomorrow film a drone shot of the oval with everyone playing games and the drone zooms down on me sitting by myself. Tomorrow we also plan to change a shot where I ask to play but the bullies run away because the bullies were playing rock paper scissors and we will change it to down ball so it is relatable and realistic.


In writing today I started writing a piece about a kid who wakes up blind and his dad is acting strange and the child in the story gets more and more suspicious and he wakes up one day and he can see and the man who he thought was his dad the whole time is a stranger. I am writing this piece because I went to a guru session with Mr Panckridge in the session we talked about adding twists to the story to make it more interesting.



Weekly reflection-Week 6B

Hello this is my weekly reflection


During maths this week I attended a maths group on how to find the area of a 2D shape. I learnt that the answer is always in units 2(squared) such as centimeters 2 because there are 2 dimension length and width. To find the area of a 2D shape you multiply the length by the width so if there is a rectangle with the measurements, length=2cm and width=6cm to find the area you do this equation 2cm x 6cm = 12cm (squared) and the area is the answer of the equation but when you write the answer you must write cm 2 for the answer to be correct.


During inquiry this week we begun our personal project. First we wrote the shotlist to prepare all the shots needed to make the film. While writing the shotlist we made sure to be detailed and include the expressions the actors on screen would have. Once the shotlist was completed and shown to a teacher we begun the filming. Our film was about exclusion so we had shots where the victim looked sad such as a close up of the victims face with fake tears and a really sad expression. I think we might have to re-film the shot where the victim gets pushed over and lots of people walk past and don’t help because the crowd waiting to walk into the shot were already in the shot at the beginning.


During writing this week I attended a guru session. The guru session was about making our writing more interesting and adding twists. We all shared our ideas for stories and twists. Then we begun to write the main plot of our story idea onto paper. After the session I continued by starting a seed from my idea, the story is about a boy who wakes up blind and his dad tries to help and takes him to the doctor as the story continues his dad acts stranger and stranger and at the end of the story the boy will wake up and be able to see but the man who he thought was his dad the whole time is a stranger.

Reflection-Week 5A

Hello this is my weekly reflection.


During maths today I attended I maths group that taught me how to find the area of a regular shape. We had 2D shapes so they were made of length and width if the shape was 3D there is also volume. To find the area of the shape you times the length by the width, for example if you had a square that was two cm by two cm, to find the area you would multiply 2 x 2 which equals four but when you write the answer in order for it to be correct you must write cm2 (centimeters squared) this means there is four 1 x 1 centimeters in the square.


Today in Inquiry we begun the final project for the term. For this project you can make a film about anything but the criteria is

  1. Delivers a clear message
  2. Is for a specific audience
  3. Films to go between 2 and 4 minutes
  4. Groups of up to  3

We can make the film using any method we want such as stop motion and many more. My group decided to make a film about bullying, more specifically exclusion. The message in the film will be to make sure you include everyone and the audience could be quite broad but is specifically for years 5 – 6.


Today in writing Harry, Sam and I wrote a combined piece with a paragraph from each perspective recounting in description an event that had happened recently. We recounted the time that by chance I was able to tape a fly to Sams arm and then it was squashed and Sam stood still frozen with terror. We decided to write it from each perspective because then you get a better view of the story. In addition during the writing session from the same seed I wrote a piece from the flies perspective, here is my favourite line from the draft “a gargantuan strip of translucent material hurtle closer” in this sentence I am describing tape.



Reflection Week 3

Hello this is my weekly reflection.


During maths this week I have been learning about angles and how to measure them. I have learnt that if all your sides on the triangle are different you put one dash through one side, two through the next and three through the last to show that they are different. I also learnt that for the triangle to be connected all the angles must equal 180 degrees. The final thing I have learnt during maths sessions this week is that an isosceles triangle is a triangle with two equal sides and to show this in a diagram you put one dash through each of the equal sides.


In writing today our class wrote poems. We started by having three minutes to write as many words on a page about apples as we could, once we were done we had the choice to follow three poem structures to write our piece. I chose a structure were a few instruction to describe your apple such as “the topic is a colour” and you write “an apple is a fierce red” and many more. The second poem I wrote was about an emotion. First you picked a emotion and you had to describe it as smells, sounds, colours and a few more. The emotion I picked was fear because this is an emotion that can be described in a lot of ways.


During inquiry this week I begun editing my zoo project film. The first step in editing was to record my voice overs, I recorded them in several parts so I could have pauses in between sentences. Next I put all the footage onto corel to start editing. After all the video clips were in the right place I lined up the audio tracks to match parts of the film and left a few couple second gaps in the audio every now and then to have more of an impact on the viewer. Next session I will get three pieces of feedback to further improve my film.


Choice Day

Hello this is my choice day reflection

The activities we could participate were bottle rockets, knitting, SimCity, countdown, flight school, mosaic madness, long division, garden making, acting out and sewcializing.

The activity I was put in to was countdown. In this activity we had several materials such as icy pole sticks, 1 meter of tape, rubber bands, milk lids, paper and glue. With these materials we had to create a device to fling a table tennis ball accurately into a container from different points. At first I tried to create a sort of catapult but after trying extensively to create something I decided to create a simpler design. I thought one of the most simple designs to make would be a slingshot so I attempted that. I used icy pole sticks to make the frame and a rubber band glued in the right position to propel the ball when it was pulled back and released. This design worked alight but it was not consistent or accurate. To fix that problem I had with accuracy I created a funnel with paper to straiten the line the ball travels in this actually made the problem worse because the paper would lean downwards as soon as I let go to fire flicking the ball down and most of the time the g force would keep the ball in the tube. I enjoyed this activity because we had the choice of what to make and how we would make it. I also enjoyed working with other classing and seeing what ideas they came up with. The two main designs we used were slingshots and different forms of catapults. The feedback I have for this activity is to maybe have more challenges for your device, different things to shoot and more materials to use for our devices. Overall I enjoyed this activity and it was very fun. If we were to do choice day again I think we should add a P.E activity or some form of sport like dodge ball and this would be good to do with different age levels in each team.

Here are the activities.


Learning Reflection

Hello this is my weekly learning reflection.


During maths this week I have been practicing my formal division skills. I learnt that it is quite similar to addition and multiplication but has some key differences such as if your number cant be divided by your other number you write a zero and carry the number in front of the next one and it becomes that number. I have learnt this week how to do formal division and I have improved my tree diagram skills and understanding.


During writing today I wrote most of a haiku about summer. The purpose of my piece is to excite people for summer. While writing this piece I focused on alliteration which means to use the same letter repeatedly in a sentence, so far I have written “Scorching summer sun

softly serenades me

summer see you soon”

Today I learnt what the word alliteration means and the amount of syllables you have to have in a haiku.


Today in inquiry we worked on our student led conference sheets. In the sheet we wrote what subject we were doing, what we are to present, what we would talk about and what we learnt. The subject I chose were Inquiry, Maths, English, PE, French and IProject. For Inquiry I will present my excursion shotlist, for maths I will present our shape animations, for English I will present the writing process, for PE I will show my hurdle technique and what I learnt, for IProject I will  show what I have done so far and in French I will read I section of reading to show how my pronunciation has improved.



Hello this is my planning post for my second IProject.

For my IProject this term I have decided to make 3D printed creations.

My plan is to first create a poke ball that opens and closes. I will create this using some form of hinges on the back of the poke ball so it opens and closes smoothly.

Once that is done I will create a foldable ruler also using hinges.

If these prints don’t work the first time I will edit the design until they are perfect.

After these I will attempt to learn a bit of coding in tinker cad so I will be able to code shapes opening another world of possibilities or maybe learn a different more complicated 3D printing program.

Learning Reflection-Week 4B

Hello this is my weekly learning reflection.


During maths this week I have been practicing my double digit multiplication using formal algorithms. While using a formal algorithm you start with the single digit numbers and times the numbers together if the answer is over 9 you keep the single digit and write the second digit above the next number. After that you times the single digit on the bottom number and the double digit on the top together, this time if the number is over 9 you write both numbers there. Then you cross out the single digit of the bottom number and write a zero below your answer. Next you times both numbers in the double digit and write the answer next to the zero. Finally you plus both numbers you have written and you have your answer.


Today in writing Miss Torney put a plate, a knife, some butter, slices of bread and some !!!!!!!!!! on a table. We then had the instructions to give her detailed steps on how to make a sandwich. If the instructions weren’t detailed enough she would make it wrong. We did this activity so we knew how detailed your steps had to be if you were writing a procedural text.


During Inquiry today I filled a shotlist of what I was going to film for our project. Our project is to create a promotional film for Geelong. Our clients for the film are a company called “Advertising For Geelong And The Bellerine”. In the shotlist I had to fill out what type of shot it was going to be, where I was going to film it and the action that will be preformed in the shot. For the excursion our class is going to Supa Tramp and Torquay. For Torquay I will film things like the beach and ice cream shops and at Supa Tramp I will film things like dodge ball and front flipping.


IProject – Week 3A

Hello this is my second IProject post.

I have decided for my IProject I will be making a song in mixcraft from the sounds from the classroom and possibly a video to accompany it. I will use sounds such as pens clicking, pencil cases opening and lockers closing.

The first step will be to record sounds, I will complete this step by recording a few sounds each day in the booths for the next few days. I will be recording sounds such as keys being pressed and a pencil writing.

After that I will make the song. The song will be made in mixcraft and I am planning to make the song entirely form the sounds I record and go for about three minutes or longer.

If I complete the song too early I will begin the video, the video will be videos of the actions that made the sounds replayed when the sound is replayed in the song.

I am quite exited to begin my song and share my final product.

Reading Log – Week 3A

Hello this is my weekly reading log.

BOOK – Demon Dentist   TASK – PMI (plus minus interesting) on a character

The character I will choose from my book is Raj the news agent.

PLUS = He gives free lollies to the children, he helps the main character a lot and he’s nice to everyone

MINUS = His shop’s really messy and things aren’t in there place, lots of his food is out of date and most his food is half eaten.

INTERESTING = His wife eats some of the food in the shop at night and his wife falls through the roof at one point.

I am a few pages away from finishing this book and I am exited to finish it.