Reflection-Week 8

Hello this is my weekly reflection.


Today during maths we started a new project called my life in numbers. This is a project where we will tell people facts and things about ourselves using many different forms of maths. For example to tell a person my age instead of just saying my age it would be the answer of an equation like, (2 to the power of 3) divided by 2 + (3 to the power of 2) – 1. Some of the things we came up with to have in this project was the amount of days you have lived, your height, when you wake up, your age, how many days to the end of school and the difference between things.


During inquiry on Monday we were all editing our personal projects. Once I had finished editing the film I showed it to three people who only had one suggestion on what to change or add which was in two of the scenes have the first section of children playing bright and vibrant then when I get excluded have the colour fade away unfortunately I am unable to do that with Corel so I was unable to action that feedback. At the end of the lesson my group got the whole class on the oval and they all acted like it was lunch time everyone was playing games except for me sitting by myself we filmed that shot with the drone from a birds eye view.


In writing today I completed a seed and draft about running. I wrote about the heat, pain and breathlessness. I wrote this piece because I recently competed in Run Geelong. One of my favourite lines is the repetitive thud as my feet smack the pavement. I also like the line my pain stricken legs gradually slow and hypnotizing breaths surround me. Next writing session we will be decoration the boxes that our pieces will go home in at the end of the year, we need boxes because some of our pieces have been published in 3D.

Weekly reflection-Week 6B

Hello this is my weekly reflection


During maths this week I attended a maths group on how to find the area of a 2D shape. I learnt that the answer is always in units 2(squared) such as centimeters 2 because there are 2 dimension length and width. To find the area of a 2D shape you multiply the length by the width so if there is a rectangle with the measurements, length=2cm and width=6cm to find the area you do this equation 2cm x 6cm = 12cm (squared) and the area is the answer of the equation but when you write the answer you must write cm 2 for the answer to be correct.


During inquiry this week we begun our personal project. First we wrote the shotlist to prepare all the shots needed to make the film. While writing the shotlist we made sure to be detailed and include the expressions the actors on screen would have. Once the shotlist was completed and shown to a teacher we begun the filming. Our film was about exclusion so we had shots where the victim looked sad such as a close up of the victims face with fake tears and a really sad expression. I think we might have to re-film the shot where the victim gets pushed over and lots of people walk past and don’t help because the crowd waiting to walk into the shot were already in the shot at the beginning.


During writing this week I attended a guru session. The guru session was about making our writing more interesting and adding twists. We all shared our ideas for stories and twists. Then we begun to write the main plot of our story idea onto paper. After the session I continued by starting a seed from my idea, the story is about a boy who wakes up blind and his dad tries to help and takes him to the doctor as the story continues his dad acts stranger and stranger and at the end of the story the boy will wake up and be able to see but the man who he thought was his dad the whole time is a stranger.

Mindfulness In The Enviro

IMG_2879This morning our class visited the Enviro to draw in our seed books what we saw so later on we could start a seed from them. I find the Enviro calming and quiet , I think it is quite a good place to relax and work. At first I drew some leaves and plants that were planted beside me. After that I tried to draw some hills with fields that I thought looked like grids. The final thing I drew was a wren that was hiding in the bush that was next to me.

The sentences I wrote next to the leaves where, Streaks as if forming a maze stretch across the leaf and veins of vibrant yellow reach across the leaf.

The sentence next to the hills are, grids stretch/reach across the hills reaching for the sunset.

The final sentences I wrote were for the wren they were, nimbly hopping from leaf to leaf and exited chirps echo.

I like writing in the Enviro because there is so many ideas and animals. It is also very quiet and a great learning space. What do you think.