IProject Post #planning post



Hello this is my IProject planning post.

To prepare for my IProject so far I have created shotlist for the final film and have begun listing materials and tools I will need to assemble it.

In my shotlist for the final film I have included close up shots of the ball swing on the string to include some cinematograph , pictures of the parts , the process of creation and tools I used so the audience knows how it was created and a still shot of me playing with the final product to see how it turned out before they use it.

The next step in my IProject is to list all the materials needed to create the totem tennis pole, find where I can get them and gather everything I will need.



IProject-Week 8B

Hello this is my final IProject post.

During this term my IProject has been to learn a new 3D printing program in which you code shapes instead of dragging and dropping them. So far I have made a simple nut and bolt, a coffin and many test shapes larning how to use the program. I have learnt in this program how to create shapes, change the shape of shapes, connect shapes, move shapes, take away one shape from another, fill the space between several shapes, change how many faces a shape has and lots more.

Here is a picture of one of my test shape. In this shape I connected the space between cylinders to make it.

This is my coffin and I added the spike on the bottom to make it look better.

Before presenting I plan to print my design and if there are any problems I will fix them and print again. I can’t wait to learn this program well enough to make complex shapes and designs.

Round cube


Hello this is my planning post for my second IProject.

For my IProject this term I have decided to make 3D printed creations.

My plan is to first create a poke ball that opens and closes. I will create this using some form of hinges on the back of the poke ball so it opens and closes smoothly.

Once that is done I will create a foldable ruler also using hinges.

If these prints don’t work the first time I will edit the design until they are perfect.

After these I will attempt to learn a bit of coding in tinker cad so I will be able to code shapes opening another world of possibilities or maybe learn a different more complicated 3D printing program.

IProject – Week 3A

Hello this is my second IProject post.

I have decided for my IProject I will be making a song in mixcraft from the sounds from the classroom and possibly a video to accompany it. I will use sounds such as pens clicking, pencil cases opening and lockers closing.

The first step will be to record sounds, I will complete this step by recording a few sounds each day in the booths for the next few days. I will be recording sounds such as keys being pressed and a pencil writing.

After that I will make the song. The song will be made in mixcraft and I am planning to make the song entirely form the sounds I record and go for about three minutes or longer.

If I complete the song too early I will begin the video, the video will be videos of the actions that made the sounds replayed when the sound is replayed in the song.

I am quite exited to begin my song and share my final product.