Mindfulness In The Enviro

IMG_2879This morning our class visited the Enviro to draw in our seed books what we saw so later on we could start a seed from them. I find the Enviro calming and quiet , I think it is quite a good place to relax and work. At first I drew some leaves and plants that were planted beside me. After that I tried to draw some hills with fields that I thought looked like grids. The final thing I drew was a wren that was hiding in the bush that was next to me.

The sentences I wrote next to the leaves where, Streaks as if forming a maze stretch across the leaf and veins of vibrant yellow reach across the leaf.

The sentence next to the hills are, grids stretch/reach across the hills reaching for the sunset.

The final sentences I wrote were for the wren they were, nimbly hopping from leaf to leaf and exited chirps echo.

I like writing in the Enviro because there is so many ideas and animals. It is also very quiet and a great learning space. What do you think.