IProject Post #planning post



Hello this is my IProject planning post.

To prepare for my IProject so far I have created shotlist for the final film and have begun listing materials and tools I will need to assemble it.

In my shotlist for the final film I have included close up shots of the ball swing on the string to include some cinematograph , pictures of the parts , the process of creation and tools I used so the audience knows how it was created and a still shot of me playing with the final product to see how it turned out before they use it.

The next step in my IProject is to list all the materials needed to create the totem tennis pole, find where I can get them and gather everything I will need.



Choice Day

Hello this is my choice day reflection

The activities we could participate were bottle rockets, knitting, SimCity, countdown, flight school, mosaic madness, long division, garden making, acting out and sewcializing.

The activity I was put in to was countdown. In this activity we had several materials such as icy pole sticks, 1 meter of tape, rubber bands, milk lids, paper and glue. With these materials we had to create a device to fling a table tennis ball accurately into a container from different points. At first I tried to create a sort of catapult but after trying extensively to create something I decided to create a simpler design. I thought one of the most simple designs to make would be a slingshot so I attempted that. I used icy pole sticks to make the frame and a rubber band glued in the right position to propel the ball when it was pulled back and released. This design worked alight but it was not consistent or accurate. To fix that problem I had with accuracy I created a funnel with paper to straiten the line the ball travels in this actually made the problem worse because the paper would lean downwards as soon as I let go to fire flicking the ball down and most of the time the g force would keep the ball in the tube. I enjoyed this activity because we had the choice of what to make and how we would make it. I also enjoyed working with other classing and seeing what ideas they came up with. The two main designs we used were slingshots and different forms of catapults. The feedback I have for this activity is to maybe have more challenges for your device, different things to shoot and more materials to use for our devices. Overall I enjoyed this activity and it was very fun. If we were to do choice day again I think we should add a P.E activity or some form of sport like dodge ball and this would be good to do with different age levels in each team.

Here are the activities.


IProject-Week 8B

Hello this is my final IProject post.

During this term my IProject has been to learn a new 3D printing program in which you code shapes instead of dragging and dropping them. So far I have made a simple nut and bolt, a coffin and many test shapes larning how to use the program. I have learnt in this program how to create shapes, change the shape of shapes, connect shapes, move shapes, take away one shape from another, fill the space between several shapes, change how many faces a shape has and lots more.

Here is a picture of one of my test shape. In this shape I connected the space between cylinders to make it.

This is my coffin and I added the spike on the bottom to make it look better.

Before presenting I plan to print my design and if there are any problems I will fix them and print again. I can’t wait to learn this program well enough to make complex shapes and designs.

Round cube

Iraq’s Culture

Hello this post is about Iraq’s Culture.

A. What are the differences  B. What are the similarities  C. If you lived in this culture, what would be interesting and what would be challenging.


A. The main differences between Australia and Iraq are the clothing, the foods and the religion. I picked these because they are definitely the most different to our culture.

B. The similarities between the countries are both countries play soccer as a sport and they have parades. I picked soccer because there are not many similarities between both countries and soccer is a popular sport in both countries.

C. If I lived in their culture I would find the different food and clothing interesting and I would be challenged by eating the different food because I don’t like many types of food.



Hello this is my planning post for my second IProject.

For my IProject this term I have decided to make 3D printed creations.

My plan is to first create a poke ball that opens and closes. I will create this using some form of hinges on the back of the poke ball so it opens and closes smoothly.

Once that is done I will create a foldable ruler also using hinges.

If these prints don’t work the first time I will edit the design until they are perfect.

After these I will attempt to learn a bit of coding in tinker cad so I will be able to code shapes opening another world of possibilities or maybe learn a different more complicated 3D printing program.

Learning How To Program

programIn robotics today I learnt how to program a robot. We used a program called lego mindstorms. To make the programs you drag and drop bricks then connect them together and then download the program to your robot. Today I learnt about the movement of the robot such as the turning brick and moving blocks. On the first brick I made the speed 100 so it moves quickly and made it roll for ten seconds just to experiment how fast and far it will roll. For the second block I made the degrees of the turn 100 and rotations of the wheels on 3 so the robot spins 360 degrees three times. So then when you put them together the robot will roll forward and spin around three times. Next session I plan to test this program and use sensors in my next program.

Rube Goldberg Machines

Over the past semester everyone in year 5 has been building Rube Goldberg Machines. A Rube Goldberg Machine is a very complicated contraption to complete a simple task, like turning on a light or cooking toast ours flicked a lolly into your hand. Building our Rube Goldberg Machines took lots of time and hard work so today we had a chance to show them off. When we showed off our machine we explained who Rube Goldberg was and how our machine worked and then tried it out, our machine only worked once but luckily lots of people were watching. The restrictions to building our machines were, it had to have a number of simple machines and elements equal to the number of people in the group and it had to be confined in the size of one large box. Our group had four people so that meant four elements and four simple machines. Our simple machines were, two inclined planes, three levers, a wedge and a fulcrum. From building our Rube Goldberg Machines I learnt that if        something doesn’t work the first time you should keep on trying. IMG_4652

Lego Excursion

Yesterday all of year 5 went on an excursion to Lego Educational Center. There were 3 activities that we did. One of  activities that my group did was all about renewable energy or green energy. We got in pairs and built a ferris wheel. There were lots of different ways to generate electricity to make the ferris wheel spin. One way was to spin a handle connected to the motor. The second way was to use wind energy, there was a normal fan and a Lego fan the normal fan spun around ans the Lego fan generated electricity. The final way was light energy. There were solar panels that connected to the motor, then we put a lamp onto of the solar panel to generate the electricity. To transfer the electricity there was little metal bits on the leads and motors. Electricity doesn’t ever disappear it just gets transformed or transferred into different types of energy. Like when we spun the handle it used our energy and gave it to the ferris wheel. IMG_1679


Today in LDD Our challenge was to make a Lego model that was robust and strong. For it to be classified a robust it had to be drop tested from table height. First I built a back up model so if my other model broke I would have that one. That model was just a normal car but it was very robust. Then I started on my next one, for that model I made a quad copter. The propellers were wheels connected to axles then the axels were connected to the base. Because my Bricks didn’t overlay it wasn’t very strong and when I tested that model it broke.

Our Rube Goldberg Machine

In design on Friday we worked on our Rube Goldberg machines. In our machines we had to have the number of elements and simple machines equal to the number of people in the group. Our group was almost done building but unfortunately we didn’t have enough simple machines so we had to completely restart. We all went back to our table and thought up a whole new design, this time with enough simple machines. Our design now has a pulley, inclined plane, fulcrum and a lever. The fulcrum and lever make up a see saw and the inclined plane makes a ramp. So far we have built the first element, a ramp leading to a see saw. Next session we will try to get the see saw to work and build the next element, which is a track leading to a pencil that releases a wind up car.