Nov 10

During design I started to build a 3D printer called the Printr bot metal. This printer comes in a build yourself kit with all the parts you need to assemble. The first step in this process was to unpack all the parts in the kit.WIN_20151110_114755

The next step is to assemble. So far we have built the X-axis on the 3D printer which moves the print base left and right.

Here is a table of the problems, solutions and parts.

 motor not fitting to base  wrong screws  base parts
 not being able to screw on a certain screw we finally found the right tool  screws
 screws not fitting in the holes  not tightening screws completely in till they were all in place  tools
 Putting on the base backwards  untightening screws and flipping base  motors
 electronics. Like circuit board and power jack

Next session we will continue to build the printer. I think I will make a time lapse to portray our progress.

Nov 12

Today was the third session that we worked on the 3D printer. This session we finished the Y-arm and connected the wires and motor. Unfortunately we don’t have enough screws to continue any more so until we can source some more we can’t continue. Here is a link to the tutorial we followed to build this section.

I found connecting the wires quite difficult because the instructions were not too clear and the persons hand was positioned in front of the wires. 

 I think I will fix the problem of not having enough screws by going back through the video to see if we miss used screws at any point. 




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