3D Printing

Jul 24

Over the past couple of  weeks I have been using a program called tinkercad. This is a simple program which you can design and print 3D designs. I have taught myself how to use tinkercad and have improved a lot.

this is the first design I made, it is quite simple and has no moving parts. To make this design I watched a couple of the first lessons and then begun designing. In this design there is not much detail or different shapes because I just learnt how to use the program.3d printing

first design

Sep 16

One of the things I have recently printed is my desktop shuffle board. I first got the idea for this when I saw it on a website I really wanted it but is was 30$ after a while I relised I could recreate it on tinkercad. Then I had a look at the original shuffle board and opened tinkercad. After that I recreated it the best I could. The problems with this design are, the walls are to low they need to be higher because the pucks sometime go over the walls and the bottom of the pucks were too rough so the pucks spun around. I was able to fix the rough pucks  by stick bits of tape to the bottom of them. If I were to re print this design I would make the walls higher and have a deeper pit at the back of the board. The rules of this game is to get your pucks as close to the pit without the puck falling iCapturen. By printing this instead of buying it I saved 30$.

3d shuffel board pic

22 Oct

Recently I have made a design on Tinkercad. The design is similar to Lego but I think it will have more capabilities.


By sphere connecters it will be able to bend and make different shapes to Lego. I am also thinking about making a different range of brick such as bricks with flat tops and shelf brackets. To make this design I cut a sphere just below the









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