IProject – Editing Post

Hello this is my IProject post


What editing techniques did you employ and why? I made my film a version of a story clip this means it consists of pictures and voice overs or text on screen. I chose this because I think it is a great way to demonstrate how to do or make something, it also good for tutorials.

What editing software/app did you use? I used Corel while editing this film and I think next time I will find a different software to use because Corel is quite laggy and delayed.

 Did you try something new? If so, what? The main thing I tried that was new in this project was making a story clip with text on screen instead of voice overs. I chose T.O.S because I think it fits my film well. 

Did you learn anything new about editing? In this project I learnt that if you have text on screen it is quite important to have a contrast from the backdrop compared to the text so the writing is clear, you also need to make sure that the writing appears long enough to read.





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