Reflection-Week 7A

Hello this is my weekly reflection.


During maths today we completed a problem about a pyramid of blocks. In the question there was a picture of a pyramid shape made from blocks but we could only see one side of the structure, the first question was how many blocks are there in the pyramid. I found the answer to this by counting how many blocks there were on each side of the bottom layer and multiplying them together and so on. After 3 layers I noticed a pattern, the pattern was that if you were six layers down from the top the equation to find the amount of blocks is 6 x 7 and if you are at layer 4 it is 4 x 5. Once you have all the answers to the layer equations you plus them together and you have the answer.


During Inquiry today we made some more edits to our personal film. First we re-filmed a scene where being bullied (me)was crying and it was a close up of my face, we had to re-film because there was a fake tear drop on my fore head wich made the shot not realistic. We also have planned to tomorrow film a drone shot of the oval with everyone playing games and the drone zooms down on me sitting by myself. Tomorrow we also plan to change a shot where I ask to play but the bullies run away because the bullies were playing rock paper scissors and we will change it to down ball so it is relatable and realistic.


In writing today I started writing a piece about a kid who wakes up blind and his dad is acting strange and the child in the story gets more and more suspicious and he wakes up one day and he can see and the man who he thought was his dad the whole time is a stranger. I am writing this piece because I went to a guru session with Mr Panckridge in the session we talked about adding twists to the story to make it more interesting.



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