Reflection-Week 5A

Hello this is my weekly reflection.


During maths today I attended I maths group that taught me how to find the area of a regular shape. We had 2D shapes so they were made of length and width if the shape was 3D there is also volume. To find the area of the shape you times the length by the width, for example if you had a square that was two cm by two cm, to find the area you would multiply 2 x 2 which equals four but when you write the answer in order for it to be correct you must write cm2 (centimeters squared) this means there is four 1 x 1 centimeters in the square.


Today in Inquiry we begun the final project for the term. For this project you can make a film about anything but the criteria is

  1. Delivers a clear message
  2. Is for a specific audience
  3. Films to go between 2 and 4 minutes
  4. Groups of up to  3

We can make the film using any method we want such as stop motion and many more. My group decided to make a film about bullying, more specifically exclusion. The message in the film will be to make sure you include everyone and the audience could be quite broad but is specifically for years 5 – 6.


Today in writing Harry, Sam and I wrote a combined piece with a paragraph from each perspective recounting in description an event that had happened recently. We recounted the time that by chance I was able to tape a fly to Sams arm and then it was squashed and Sam stood still frozen with terror. We decided to write it from each perspective because then you get a better view of the story. In addition during the writing session from the same seed I wrote a piece from the flies perspective, here is my favourite line from the draft “a gargantuan strip of translucent material hurtle closer” in this sentence I am describing tape.



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