IProject-Production Post

Hello this is my IProject post.

On Saturday I went to the hardware store to collect all the things I would need for my IProject. The main and most difficult problem was that unfortunately some important parts I would need to create the project are not easily attainable in the area, I decided to make a section of the project the entire project. I chose a silicon mixture that is very moldable and is the consistency of play-doh, over night it cures and becomes a stretchy moldable rubber.

The success in the project so far have been making several things such as a custom stress ball that is the perfect shape of my hand, half a screw ice cube mold, a bouncy ball and half a circle ice cube mold.

The first attempt was very difficult and didn’t cure properly and was a complete fail.

The next thing I plan to create with the silicon mixture is an eraser but first I will need to test if the rubber works as an eraser.



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