Zoo Conservation Reflection


In Inquiry this term we started a project about helping endangered animals. We started this project by looking on the Melbourne zoo page and picking one of the sos ten (ten extremely endangered animals at the Melbourne zoo). Once we picked one of the animals we begun to research them and write down facts about them. After we had lots of interesting facts we all started to write scripts that would make the reader care for the animal and convince them to try to help. I picked the Philippine crocodile because they are the most endangered crocodile species and are very interesting.


After we had finished writing all our scripts we traveled to Melbourne zoo to collect footage of our animal and learn lots more about them. Some things that went well on the excursion were, getting all the footage needed, visiting and learning about even more of the SOS 10 and we ha perfect weather so it wasn’t too cold or too hot. The problems we had were, missing a few of the animal talks because we couldn’t find our way around towards the start of the day and loosing the cameras at the end of the day so we didn’t have any footage to use.


The first step in editing was to cull footage since we didn’t have any footage I collected photos and videos from the internet and luckily other groups had collected some footage from the zoo that I was able to use.The next step in editing was to record my voice overs, I recorded them in several parts so I could have pauses in between sentences to make the film more dramatic. Next I put all the footage and audio into corel to start editing. After all the video clips were in the right place I lined up the audio tracks to match parts of the film and left a few couple second gaps in the audio every now and then to have more of an impact on the viewer.


Once we had finished films we put them around the room for people to watch and give feedback here is the feedback I received.

Your music was phenomenal and I loved your script. It made me care about the animal, and I certainly feel like I need to help make a difference. Your words were extremely powerful, and the way your spoke was outstanding. Well done! – Angus I

I like the music, it really fits the mood and photos are good. – Zoe

I liked the music it suited the mood. it made me stop and think about this animal. good job-sophie

I think the tone of your voice works well and I really like the music. The black between the footage is used well- Emmy

The music is great and it is a great volume, you have used very emotive and intruiging words. Your script is amazing and it has made me care a lot. Well done Henry!! – Aimee

The music really sets the mood, the facts really made me care about the animal. -Emily

I really like the facts and the emotion in your voice. I also like the choice of music for your film – Rory

Great music, good facts photos and footage is great good emotion in your voice it made me care about your animal – Jesse

The music matches the mood and the facts where very interesting-sergej

You Had a very powerful message and your facts were amazing- Harry H

Your music is really good and suits the film in a great way.-Camilla

Your music suited your film. It made me care about your animal. You had a very clear and strong message. Great Job- Issy

I like your music and voice over. you made me care about the animal. I also like your facts- Mia






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