Reflection-Week 4B

Hello this is my weekly reflection.


Today during maths we started a problem called “The Ladder Problem”. We started by looking at a “five” ladder made with popsicle sticks on the ground and we had to draw it in our books in the sections we saw it. Next we described how we saw the ladder in words so someone who could not see the ladder could create it. Here is my description. I see two sets of 6 sticks placed in a line vertically with a gap in between each set, get 5 green sticks and place them horizontally touching each connection between the sticks on the vertical lines.


Today during writing I published a piece called fear. This piece was a poem using a structure where each line was a sense such as see, smell and feel. Using the structure, you pick an emotion and describe it using five senses. I decided to write a poem because I wanted to challenge my self and I usually write descriptive pieces. I decided to publish the piece on a simple black piece of paper with white writing because I think it matches the piece really well.


During Inquiry this week we submitted our first drafts for our zoo conservation film. After we had submitted we put our computers out with a feedback sheet for others to watch and write feedback. Some of the areas that people thought were great were the choice of music and that the film captured the “save our species” message. The area I needed to improve on was making the audience care for the animal. I attempted to do this by adding pictures of the baby crocodile.

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