Reflection Week 3

Hello this is my weekly reflection.


During maths this week I have been learning about angles and how to measure them. I have learnt that if all your sides on the triangle are different you put one dash through one side, two through the next and three through the last to show that they are different. I also learnt that for the triangle to be connected all the angles must equal 180 degrees. The final thing I have learnt during maths sessions this week is that an isosceles triangle is a triangle with two equal sides and to show this in a diagram you put one dash through each of the equal sides.


In writing today our class wrote poems. We started by having three minutes to write as many words on a page about apples as we could, once we were done we had the choice to follow three poem structures to write our piece. I chose a structure were a few instruction to describe your apple such as “the topic is a colour” and you write “an apple is a fierce red” and many more. The second poem I wrote was about an emotion. First you picked a emotion and you had to describe it as smells, sounds, colours and a few more. The emotion I picked was fear because this is an emotion that can be described in a lot of ways.


During inquiry this week I begun editing my zoo project film. The first step in editing was to record my voice overs, I recorded them in several parts so I could have pauses in between sentences. Next I put all the footage onto corel to start editing. After all the video clips were in the right place I lined up the audio tracks to match parts of the film and left a few couple second gaps in the audio every now and then to have more of an impact on the viewer. Next session I will get three pieces of feedback to further improve my film.


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