Reflection-Week 2-Term 4

Hello this post is my weekly reflection.


During maths this week we started to learn about simple algebra. We started by looking at a function machine when a name went in it came out with different letters and we had to discover a rule for all the names that had went in. Algebra is replacing numbers in equations with letter such as x, y and z. The letters in an equation are variables meaning they can be any number. For example if 1 went in to the function machine and 2 came out and 5 went in and 10 came out the rule using algebra could be, Y(1 or 5) x 2 = A(2 or 10), the rule should work with any number that went in to the machine.


In Inquiry this term we started a new project about helping endangered animals. We started this project by looking on the Melbourne zoo page and picking one of the sos ten (ten extremely endangered animals at the Melbourne zoo). Once we picked one of the animals we begun to research them and write down facts about them. After we had lots of interesting facts we all started to write scripts that would make the reader care for the animal and convince them to try to help. After writing all our scripts we traveled to Melbourne zoo to collect footage of our animal and learn lots more about them. We are now up to creating films featuring our animal and editing them to make the audience care for the animal. The final step in the process will be to record our scripts and put them onto the film and then share.


In writing on Monday I conferenced my piece called “CLAW” The main feedback I wanted to receive was if my audience could figure out what the piece was describing without being told. I wanted this feedback because while writing the piece I decided not to say what it was about and try to set the scene with description. Once I finished reading I told them what it was all about a claw machine they all understood everything. After that I decided to reveal what was happening at the very end of the piece so once the reader gets to the end they will have a sudden moment of realisation.


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  1. Henry, your explanation of Algebra is brilliant. Well done. I really like that you included an example to aid your explanation. 🙂
    In fact, all of your reflection are great. Keep it up.

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