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Hello this is my first IProject post for the term.

I have decided that this term i will make a tennis pole (a pole with string attached to the top with a tennis ball on the end that you can hit around.). The purpose of this project is to learn skills such as using certain tools and what materials will be needed for certain parts of the creation. My project is for people who enjoy sports like tennis and fun/competetive games. During this project i am looking forward to the construction of the project and using and testing the final product.

The first step of the process is to create a plan of what parts i will need, what tools i will need and the process i will make the creation.

After creating a plan i will be to buy all the parts needed such as wood poles and string.

Next i will gather the appropriate tools that will be needed to make this project.

After that i will follow the plan to create the design.

Once i have finished making the tennis pole i will test to see if i need to make any modification.

Then i will paint the creation and i will be finished.

I am exited to begin this process and to test the final product.



2 thoughts on “IProject #description

  1. I like how you set up your blog post in a very organised way.
    Did anything inspire you to do this project? And how far in are you in this project?

    • Thanks. I am doing this project because I enjoy creating things. So far I have listed the materials and tools I will need.

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