Choice Day

Hello this is my choice day reflection

The activities we could participate were bottle rockets, knitting, SimCity, countdown, flight school, mosaic madness, long division, garden making, acting out and sewcializing.

The activity I was put in to was countdown. In this activity we had several materials such as icy pole sticks, 1 meter of tape, rubber bands, milk lids, paper and glue. With these materials we had to create a device to fling a table tennis ball accurately into a container from different points. At first I tried to create a sort of catapult but after trying extensively to create something I decided to create a simpler design. I thought one of the most simple designs to make would be a slingshot so I attempted that. I used icy pole sticks to make the frame and a rubber band glued in the right position to propel the ball when it was pulled back and released. This design worked alight but it was not consistent or accurate. To fix that problem I had with accuracy I created a funnel with paper to straiten the line the ball travels in this actually made the problem worse because the paper would lean downwards as soon as I let go to fire flicking the ball down and most of the time the g force would keep the ball in the tube. I enjoyed this activity because we had the choice of what to make and how we would make it. I also enjoyed working with other classing and seeing what ideas they came up with. The two main designs we used were slingshots and different forms of catapults. The feedback I have for this activity is to maybe have more challenges for your device, different things to shoot and more materials to use for our devices. Overall I enjoyed this activity and it was very fun. If we were to do choice day again I think we should add a P.E activity or some form of sport like dodge ball and this would be good to do with different age levels in each team.

Here are the activities.



Hello this is my IProject expo post.

I think my presentation went smoothly and pretty well. I presented what I had learnt and made I received some interesting questions such as what was the most difficult part and what some code lines did or meant. My presentation went for about 7 minutes and then I changed the size and variables of the coding to experiment and show people what happened for the rest of the time.

I presented my test designs and my favorite design. My test design was a coffin using the code “hull()” this fills in the space between each shape.

The most challenging thing was learning and remembering what to code because if you get one letter or symbol wrong it can change your whole design.

My favourite design was a wheel that can also be a saw blade with a few changes of code.



PROMO film

Hello this is a post about making promo films.


email > the beginning of the process was when we received an email from Tracey at “advertisement for Geelong and Bellerine” she asked us if we would like to make an promo film for Geelong.

research > the next step was to analyze films made by their company and see how they were made. We discovered that the film was made in chapters of each location.

Location > next we had to decide the locations we would get our footage from. We decided on Supa-Tramp, Torquay, leisure link, the waterfront, a park and Balyang,

Partners > after that we got into film crews. The crews were set up with two from each class and each two were a separate group. Each small group went to a different location to film. Each small group made a shotlist of what the were going to film what type of shot it was and how long the clip would go for.

Production > During production our class went to Supa Tramp and Torquay. At supa tramp we filmed dodgeball, trampolines, rock climbing, basketball and the air bag. At Torquay we filmed beach soccer, the water, parks and ice cream.

Culling > After we had downloaded all the footage onto our computers we began culling. Culling is when you delete the bad footage that might be shaky accidental or photo bombed. When we had only our best footage we shared it onto a usb for the rest of the group to use, we also received their footage.

Editing > When we had all the footage we started editing our films. They had to be in chapters of each location and with around 2-5 second clips. Each location had to go for 30 seconds so we had a minute and 30 second film. We also needed music that fitted the film.

Feedback > Once we had all finished our first draft we put our computers around the room with a feedback sheet. Then we all wrote feedback for each other. We used a system of ticks when if you gave three ticks they were doing an awesome job if you gave two they were doing a good job and if you gave one they had sort of addressed the section such as is it fun or does the music match the mood.

Implemented Feedback > After we finished changing our film and improving it from the feedback we got some more on our final draft. These feedback forms will help the teachers decided which films we will be sending through.


Reading Log- Week9A

Hello this is my weekly reading log.

BOOK=Eight Grade Bites


Book Advertisement: Design and write an advertisement for your book. You may choose the type of advertisement – a poster, billboard, or magazine.

Here is my advertisement for a book I have recently finished called “Hester And Harriet”. This book is quite interesting and I decided to make an advertisement for it with comments about how it makes you feel.


Hello this is my weekly reflection.


During maths today we wrote our rules for a problem called billiard ball bounces. This question is about a ball that travels on a pool table with a hole on each corner, the ball starts at the bottom left and roles until it hits a wall then turns 45 degrees and continues until it goes in. We drew lots of tables in our grid books and tested rules to find out the answer of bounces here are mine.

If the largest grid number is a multiple of the other number like 5×10 for example, you divide the largest number by the smallest and then minus one from the answer and that is the amount of bounces. To find the amount of bounces for a grid with numbers that aren’t both even you plus both grid numbers then minus two and you have the amount of bounces.


During writing today I wrote a seed about the topic footsteps. I wrote about this topic because it has many possible ideas and lots of different pieces could come from it. My ideas were people entering the house at night and hearing footsteps and having a vampire following the character. I think the piece I write will be horror and I will try to make the reader scared.


Today in inquiry we all received a feedback form for our promo films and gave feedback to others. The areas I worked on from my feedback were using more editing choices such as slo-mo, timelapse and split screen, making the film more fun and more balanced. To fix all these I added leasurelink so the film was balanced and fun and with the leasurelink footage I made a split screen section to add more editing choices.

Cultures Of The World

Hello the second country I have decided to research during this project is Albania

I think I would be challenged by there culture because I have discovered that they compare everyone a lot and I would also be challenged by there food. I would find people watering the pavement interesting.

The most similar thing between the countries is the sport. The sport both countries play is soccer in fact it is Albania main sport.

The differences between these countries are the foods they eat and the clothes they wear I chose these because they are the most different things between the cultures.