Learning Reflection

Hello this is my weekly learning reflection.


During maths this week I have been practicing my formal division skills. I learnt that it is quite similar to addition and multiplication but has some key differences such as if your number cant be divided by your other number you write a zero and carry the number in front of the next one and it becomes that number. I have learnt this week how to do formal division and I have improved my tree diagram skills and understanding.


During writing today I wrote most of a haiku about summer. The purpose of my piece is to excite people for summer. While writing this piece I focused on alliteration which means to use the same letter repeatedly in a sentence, so far I have written “Scorching summer sun

softly serenades me

summer see you soon”

Today I learnt what the word alliteration means and the amount of syllables you have to have in a haiku.


Today in inquiry we worked on our student led conference sheets. In the sheet we wrote what subject we were doing, what we are to present, what we would talk about and what we learnt. The subject I chose were Inquiry, Maths, English, PE, French and IProject. For Inquiry I will present my excursion shotlist, for maths I will present our shape animations, for English I will present the writing process, for PE I will show my hurdle technique and what I learnt, for IProject I will  show what I have done so far and in French I will read I section of reading to show how my pronunciation has improved.


Reading Log – Week 4B

Hello this is my weekly reading log.

BOOK – “Timmy Failure”

FOCUS – Developing a narrative


The story starts at a museum near Timmy’s house. Then it goes to his house where the book introduces his polar bear and his best friend. After that you find out he is a detective. Then you find out that his mum doesn’t have a job so they are living at there aunties house.





The complication in this book is that there is a detective competition with a 500 $ prize and Timmy is late so he can’t enter. Then he gets kicked out so he can go to a different school so he can enter. On the day of the competition his mum takes him out of his school.





His mum gets a job and they are moving out but his aunty gives him 2000 $ for his detective company because she liked talking to him and he told her about it.





Hello this is my planning post for my second IProject.

For my IProject this term I have decided to make 3D printed creations.

My plan is to first create a poke ball that opens and closes. I will create this using some form of hinges on the back of the poke ball so it opens and closes smoothly.

Once that is done I will create a foldable ruler also using hinges.

If these prints don’t work the first time I will edit the design until they are perfect.

After these I will attempt to learn a bit of coding in tinker cad so I will be able to code shapes opening another world of possibilities or maybe learn a different more complicated 3D printing program.

Learning Reflection-Week 4B

Hello this is my weekly learning reflection.


During maths this week I have been practicing my double digit multiplication using formal algorithms. While using a formal algorithm you start with the single digit numbers and times the numbers together if the answer is over 9 you keep the single digit and write the second digit above the next number. After that you times the single digit on the bottom number and the double digit on the top together, this time if the number is over 9 you write both numbers there. Then you cross out the single digit of the bottom number and write a zero below your answer. Next you times both numbers in the double digit and write the answer next to the zero. Finally you plus both numbers you have written and you have your answer.


Today in writing Miss Torney put a plate, a knife, some butter, slices of bread and some !!!!!!!!!! on a table. We then had the instructions to give her detailed steps on how to make a sandwich. If the instructions weren’t detailed enough she would make it wrong. We did this activity so we knew how detailed your steps had to be if you were writing a procedural text.


During Inquiry today I filled a shotlist of what I was going to film for our project. Our project is to create a promotional film for Geelong. Our clients for the film are a company called “Advertising For Geelong And The Bellerine”. In the shotlist I had to fill out what type of shot it was going to be, where I was going to film it and the action that will be preformed in the shot. For the excursion our class is going to Supa Tramp and Torquay. For Torquay I will film things like the beach and ice cream shops and at Supa Tramp I will film things like dodge ball and front flipping.