Reflection Week 8A

Hello this is my weekly reflection.


During maths this week we have focused on revision. I decided to revise my “BIDMAS”. BIDMAS is the rule that you use to solve a maths problem with more than one symbol. The acronym is the order in which you are to solve each symbol. here is what each letter means, B=brackets, I=indices, M=multiplication, A=addition and S=subtraction. If the equation has only subtraction and addition or division and multiplication you solve the problem from left to right.


In writing today we talked about seeds. A seeds purpose is to write about a topic, get your ideas on the page and make the writing process easier. A seed should consist of good description, text types, enough content and colour. From a seed you should be able to write more than one piece.


In Inquiry this week we have all begun editing our promo films. Some of the things I have included in my film are time-lapse, slo-mo and Cutting the same clip into several parts. The film is required to go for one minute and thirty seconds and have footage from each class. When editing we had to remember to have the film in chapters of each location, my film went supa-tramp, Torquay, Eastern beach, bike track and Balyang.

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