IProject-Week 8B

Hello this is my final IProject post.

During this term my IProject has been to learn a new 3D printing program in which you code shapes instead of dragging and dropping them. So far I have made a simple nut and bolt, a coffin and many test shapes larning how to use the program. I have learnt in this program how to create shapes, change the shape of shapes, connect shapes, move shapes, take away one shape from another, fill the space between several shapes, change how many faces a shape has and lots more.

Here is a picture of one of my test shape. In this shape I connected the space between cylinders to make it.

This is my coffin and I added the spike on the bottom to make it look better.

Before presenting I plan to print my design and if there are any problems I will fix them and print again. I can’t wait to learn this program well enough to make complex shapes and designs.

Round cube

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