Reflection-Week 7A

Hello this is my weekly reflection.


During maths today we started a new problem. The problem was about a pool table and the amount times a ball bounces before it goes in, here is the question. There is a pool table with a grid across the face with only four holes one on each corner, if the ball comes out of one whole and goes straight until it hits a wall then rebounds on a 45 degree angle, How many bounces will it take to go into another whole if the ball never slows? We discovered that the line in which the ball goes creates a checker pattern and towards the end we found out the grid numbers for the length of each side added together then minus two is the amount of bounces so I think the rule for any grid could be VS(vertical side)+HS(horizontal side)-2=A(answer).


During writing today I wrote a seed about “winter vs summer” I wrote this because I prefer winter over summer and I will write a persuasive piece about why you should prefer winter. Some of the things I wrote in the seed are, the comforting crackle of a warm fire, fresh gentle droplets gathering and huge giants covered in white reaching out to the clouds. I decided to write a persuasive because I haven’t written one yet and it will be something different.


Today in inquiry I worked on my advertising film. Everyone in our group shared the footage around onto a usb. But before we shared we had to convert the footage we needed too to mp4 clips. So far I have all the footage from my group and I have transferred it to Corel so I am ready to begin editing.

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